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Aight>> so W'sup? i just added sum new midi'z..but if therez any ya want e-mail the requests too Tupacgyrl4eva@tupac.com aight so thats straitened out! Thingz are all jackd up on this site but thats aight its still workin right? n the radio station is straight up trippin out one day when i gots sum time i'll try to update that biotch..ne ways juz gotta give a hollar 2 all the foo'z that helped out on this projekt (1 luv baby) ne ways just lettin ya'll know 2pac's new cd just got released so get yo punk azz out there n buy it!! cuz we still gotta keep his memory alive RIP baby! Hip-Hip takEn oVeR tHis NaTiOn (StayIn TrUe) Check this out my name is Theresa but im also known by lil' smiley, Teesa, and Teesha... i'm a 15/f n i straight up don't represent my school cuz i hate the damn thang!! u should bee cool and help me earn money aight click on the cdnow link! n buy sum cd'z do it 4 me! oh n SIGN THE GUESTBOOK -aight- Big shout out 2 Richard for helpin me put music on here. Hollah at me on icq (10974710)or aolim at BlueJnco7 or on yahoo at TooLocaMamacita and if u feelin lonely send an e-mail 2 NikeTeesa@gurlmail.com and if u feelin like u need 2 here a midi that ain't on here send ur requests to Tupacgyrl4eva@tupac.com P/S:: OnLy HiP-Hop ReQueSts ... please include the songs title and the artist! :-) One Luv To All who took the time and effort(to all u laziazzes) to actually chek out this site Keep it real & Keep ya hEad UP I have just one mo big favor to ask! Please SIGN THE GUEST BOOk!

"When my mama ask me will i ever change, I tell her yeah... But it's clear I will always be the same until the end of time..."~2pac!!

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Waves & Midis..other exceptional stuff too!

MY links Page
Chek wah i have instore for all my links!!!
For You I will midi
Snoop Dogg wav
California Love midi
Bad To The Bone midi
Tha Crossroads midi
Bone Thugz~N~Harmony
No Diggity midi
Don't Leave midi
I Swear midi
All 4 One
Big Bad Mama midi
Foxy Brown f/ Dru Hill
I really really like it wav
The part were stase raps
Thugdevotion wav
Thug girl wav
Master P.
What ya want wav
Ruffryders & Eve Featuring Nokio
Ruff Ryderz Anthem Midi
Keep their headz ringin' midi
Dr. Dre
Forgot 'bout dre
Dr.Dre ft/ Eminem
Next Episode
Big Pimpin'
Hard Knock Life
Back that azz up
Country Grammar
Big Poppa
Notorious B.I.G.
Ms. Jackson
Bow Down
Westside Connection
I got the hook up
Master P.
I got 5 on it

ThIs PaGe HaS BeEn ChEcKeD oUt By HoMiEz

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Lyrics Now: Strictly Rap and R&B Yo! Howz it GoIn...I know this isn't all that tight but its all good so will ya'll sign my guest book please maybe u could win money im just kiddin please do though love alwayz , theresa rip tupac, eazy-e, and big pun


Sorry, but you need a Java-enabled browser to play Trivia Blitz.